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The main origin
- Jan 23, 2018 -

The main origin

"Buy sewing machine to Taizhou", has become the first choice of domestic and foreign manufacturers. According to statistics, the annual output of sewing machines in China accounts for three-fifths of the total output of sewing machines in the world, and the output of Taizhou sewing machines accounts for one-third of that in China, that is, one in Taichung for every 5 sewing machines in the world , Taizhou has become a veritable world of sewing machine production base.

At the same time, Taizhou gathered a group of sewing machine business, initially formed a sewing machine industry group. In the test of the market, emerged a number of well-known enterprises.

National Top Five Sewing Machine 3 is located in Taizhou. In the face of achievements, enterprises and the government did not stop, but the development of the sewing machine industry in the future more than a worry and thinking.

Shanghai state-owned sewing machine brand-name products "bees", "ants" fall, Taizhou private enterprises relatively flexible mechanism of state-owned enterprises advantages, with the international competition in the sewing machine business and how many advantages?

Taizhou has not yet set up sewing machine industry associations, product research and development projects we are all insensitive, the results of repeated investment, can not be through a collaborative mechanism, enterprises have focused on forming a brand alliance to jointly open up the international market and expand market share ?

Brand name is relying on the market to speak, without the market's approval, just a blank remark. Nurture world-class brand name, Taizhou enterprises long way to go.


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