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The main classification
- Jan 23, 2018 -

The sewing machine we talk about here is mainly sewing equipment, sewing machine sewing equipment can be divided into: General sewing machines, sewing machines for special purposes, decorative sewing machines.

Universal sewing machine

General industrial sewing machines mainly include: industrial sewing machine; home sewing machine; service industry sewing machine; overlock sewing machine; chain sewing machine, stretch sewing machine.

1, Industrial sewing machines include: ordinary sewing machine, sewing machine in the high-speed, high-speed sewing machine, semi-automatic sewing machine, automatic sewing machine.

2, overlock machine include: second-line overlock sewing machine, three-line overlock sewing machine, four-line overlock sewing machine, five-line overlock sewing machine.

Special sewing machine

Special sewing machines mainly include: keyhole machine; knot machine; Dingkou machine; dark sewing machine; double needle machine; automatic bag opening machines.

1, Keyhole machine can be divided into: flat head and eye-round keyhole machine, which flat-head keyhole machine can be divided into ordinary flat-head keyhole machine, high-speed flat-head keyhole machine, high-speed flat-head keyhole machine, automatic continuous Flat-head keyhole machine; Round keyhole machine can be divided into ordinary round keyhole machine, high-speed round head keyhole machine, high-speed round keyhole machine, automatic round head keyhole machine.

2, the knot machine can be divided into: CEI-1-type knot machine; CEI-2-type knot machine.

3, Dingkou machine can be divided into: high-speed flat-seam Dingkou machine; no thread Dingkou machine; automatic deduction Dingkou machine.

Decorative sewing machine

Decorative sewing machines are: computer embroidery machines; Zigzag sewing machines; crescent machine; lace, etc.

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