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Servo motor brake mode
- Jan 23, 2018 -

Servo motor brake mode

Users often confused the role of electromagnetic braking, regenerative braking, dynamic braking, choose the wrong parts.

The dynamic brake consists of dynamic braking resistor, which can shorten the mechanical feed distance of the servo motor through energy consumption braking in case of fault, emergency stop and power failure.

Regenerative braking refers to the servo motor deceleration or stop braking the energy generated by the feedback loop back to the DC bus through the RC circuit to absorb.

Electromagnetic brake is a mechanical device to lock the motor shaft.

The difference between the three:

(1) Regenerative braking must be effective when the server is working, in the event of failure, emergency stop, power failure, etc. can not brake the motor. Dynamic brake and electromagnetic brake work without power.

(2) The work of regenerative braking is performed automatically by the system, while the operation of dynamic brake and electromagnetic brake is controlled by external relay.

(3) Electromagnetic brake is generally started after SV and OFF. Otherwise, the amplifier may be overloaded. The dynamic brake is usually started after SV, OFF or the main circuit is powered off. Otherwise, the dynamic brake resistor may overheat.

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