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Fusing Machine Series

  • Fusing Machine NHG500

    Fusing Machine NHG500

    Product introduction It is a hot melt adhesive pressurized continuous bonders, it has to prevent migraine with special properties suitable for fabric and fusible interlining of thermo-compression bonding purposes. It can be widely used in various non-flammable agents contain...Read More

  • Fusing Machine 600-900

    Fusing Machine 600-900

    1.The Fusing Press Machine is equipped with tensioner adjustment and defle cting preventing control device; 2.Independent electric control system,convenient to operate; 3.Correct temperature control and small error; 4.With stepless speed regulating function; 5.With...Read More

  • Fusing Machine 450MS

    Fusing Machine 450MS

    Features 1. Automatic belt warping prevention device. 2. Upper belt warpping prevention system adopt direct limit switch type like lower belt warping prevention system. 3. Increase the fusing belt width for 450mm. 4. Adopted rubber driving roller for non-slip driving. 5. MS...Read More

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